Corporate law deals with the formation of corporations and their dealings with each other and with other businesses.



A complete guide on family laws in India, marriage, divorce, adoption, custody etc.

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Sarkar Legal Services is an eminent law firm in Kolkata catering multiple legal services to the Indian citizens. Proficient lawyers, experienced attorneys, notaries and other legal associates of the Indian apex court form the backbone of this judicial enterprise.

We are the renowned full service law firm in the eastern region and take pride in resolving and concluding challenging legal issues. Our strength exists in our team of intellectual professionals who value diligence and knowledge, and instantly settle disputes through authentic judgments. We provide and further endeavor to offer factual and exact legal advices to our distinguished clients in order to meet their expectations.

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Maritime Law or Admiralty Law

Maritime Law or Admiralty Law is the branch of law that contains laws, conventions, and treaties that govern the private maritime business and other nautical matters like shipping or offenses on international waters.

Air Force Law

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is the air arm of the Indian Armed Forces. Sarkar Legal Services & Co. Advocates practice and handle all kinds of matters relating to Airforce law.

Civil Law

Civil law is the branch of law which protects the private rights of the citizens and offers legal remedies in areas such as family law, tort, etc. This branch of law was derived from ancient Rome which derived code to determine the procedures relating to resolving civil issues.

Criminal Law

Criminal law refers to a body of laws that apply to criminal acts. In instances where an individual fails to adhere to a particular criminal statute, he or she commits a criminal act by breaking the law.

Corporate Law

Corporate Law is the branch of law, regulations, rules that cover the formation, working and operation of Corporations. It is that body of law which regulates all corporate personalities that exists to conduct their business.

Real Estate Law

Real property (real estate) comprises of land or anything attached to, growing on and erected on it. It includes the right of ways and things as easements.

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Sarkar Legal Services in India is one of the distinguished and acclaimed Kolkata law firms. We are committed to serve excellent legal services to our clients based in India and abroad.Our Kolkata law firms employees are experienced lawyers, attorneys, notaries, legal counselors and other legal associates

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