Consumer Protection Legal Services

Demanding area of Consumer Protection Legal Services

  • In today’s modern and competitive world, every product and service centric company or institution is engaged in a race to outdo its competing rivals. The ways in which companies collide with each other head on is on the basis of quality, price, nature and efficiency in providing products and services, by a good screen presence in a way that the market becomes flooded with its products.
  • Apart from this, companies also provide some consolation treats in order to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. But on the flip side, there also exist certain non-sporting elements within the market who try to engage in some malpractices as well. It is in such cases that consumer protection laws come into effect.
  • Keeping all these factors in the backdrop, It is owing to all these factors that the field of providing consumer protection legal services has become a lucrative one because today, entrepreneurs have realized the true and underlying meaning of the phrase ‘consumer is the king’.
  • In today’s fiercely competitive market, there are so many varieties of a product readily available in the market and falling under different price brackets that consumers today get the option of selecting the one which they like and ditching the ones they don’t.
  • However, there is also a strong possibility that businesses today are so hell bent in expanding their consumer base, they often indulge in certain malpractices resulting in consumers getting cheated and exploited at the hands of these businessmen. It is here that consumer protection legal service providing professionals come to their rescue!
  • Areas for such consumer protection professionals include if a consumer has been cheated or misappropriated while purchasing any goods or availing any service, complaint in relation selling defective or in case of perishables after expiry date, to help and assist consumers in lodging complaint in the appropriate consumer dispute redressal forum and so on.

Brief Overview of Consumer Protection Laws

Over the years, consumer protection laws and regulations have undergone a drastic transformation in a way that earlier owing to a closed economy it was only the Government which was the sole player in that industry. So the chances of lodging a complaint against the Government arose almost never. However, with the private players coming in and making the competition fierce, the need to have strong and robust consumer protection laws was felt. In light of all these factors, consumer protection legal services developed to tackle the anti-competitive elements in the market.

These consumer protection laws primarily dealt with issues pertaining to monopoly markets, oligopoly markets, cartels indulging in price fixing, allocation of territories etc, tie-in arrangements, re-sale price maintenance, bid rigging or collusive bidding, exclusive contracts and so on.

Thus, these consumer protection legal services take into account these irregularities and treat them by punishing the anti-competitive element thereby resulting in regulating the market.

In such a scenario, the job of consumer protection legal professionals is one entrusted with lot of responsibilities coupled with the requirement of having a deep and sound knowledge into the functioning of the markets.

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