Employment and Human Resources Legal Services

Understanding the concept of Employment and Human Resources Legal Services

Employment and Human Resources Legal Services refer to the legal assistance provided to the employees, workers, and organizations. One needs to understand the importance of Employment and human resources legal services in the capacity as an employer or an employee. So, if you are an employee, then you must get well-versed with your employment legal services and rights. On similar parlance, an employer must embed in his or her organization with relevant human resources legal services and elements.

Employment Legal Services

Employment legal services refer to offering legal aid, and representation for resolution of employment-based issues. The word ‘employment’ denotes individuals in employment with an organization.
On the same lines, it also refers to the workers or laborers employed in a particular business. Workers and employees may be in full-time or part-time service. Employment legal services can also to be imparted to government employees, casual workers, and even contractors.
After understanding whether an employee is coming under the purview of Employment and Human Legal Services, employment legal advice session is conducted. In this session, the grievances of employees are heard. Suitable resolution techniques are suggested.

The issues covered maybe

  • Wages
  • Compensation
  • Dismissal
  • Discrimination
  • Redundancy

The worker is also represented for an employment legal proceeding in the court of law.

Human Resources Legal Services

The framework relating to human resources legal services is broad and needs a thorough understanding of the laws governing human resources. The initial step involves creating well-defined HR contracts with employees, and binding them right from recruitment to their termination or resignation. Each step must be backed by proper documentation from both the sides.

The human resources legal services, rules and regulations must be communicated clearly to the employees. The areas of the human resource include payroll, recruitment, benefits, the safety of employees, relations with employees and termination.

The development of human resources legal services depends on certain enactments such as Companies Act, Income Tax Act, PF rules, Fringe Benefit Tax and so on. Similarly, employment legal services depend on Acts such as labour laws and regulations. For proper implementation of Employment and human resources legal services, one needs to prepare a meticulous checklist as per the enactments and organizational structure. Workers and employees need to be aware of their rights as well as duties towards Employment and human resources legal services.

At the time of induction, employees must be informed about the Employment and human resources legal services. The agreements such as non-disclosure agreement and employment contracts must be drafted in lucid language for the understanding of the employees. If the employee is facing any doubt, he must get it clarified before joining the organization.

Conclusively, Employment and human resources legal services form an integral part of every organization, whether it is small-sized or large-sized. Future actions acquire legal enforceability by entering into valid employment contracts and HR agreements. Depending upon the nature and scale of business operations, an organization must carefully draft its contracts, agreements, and forms. The HR team must skillfully make the employees understand and sign the documents before joining date.

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