Entertainment and Media Legal Services

Changing facets of the Entertainment and Media Legal Services

Although the entertainment and media industry was initially a commercial one, yet it was not as fiercely competitive and demanding as it is today. To top that, the technological advancements and innovations although have increased the entertainment factor for its audience, it has also increased the legal complexities multifold.  

This is the reason why the entertainment and media legal services have become so prominent in the recent years. So a legal professional working in this field should have sharp knowledge about diverse laws because what query or advice his client can pose to him will always remain a mystery.

Broadly speaking, entertainment and media laws can be categorized on the nature of activities which are carried on there under. But there are certain things which are specific to a particular form of media. Like for instance,


Software, video game development, distribution, marketing, ecommerce, etc.


Reviewing agreements, scripts, drafting of diverse agreements and contracts, finance, issued pertaining to the title, pre as well as post production stages, trade unions and all related issues, motion pictures, general intellectual property laws, distribution and so on;

Print Media

Model and talent agency agreements, modeling contracts, author rights, copyrights, distribution rights etc.

Radio & TV

Procurement of licenses to broadcast, mechanical rights, employment agreements etc;

Design and Visual Art

This includes though not limited to fine arts, issues pertaining to consignment of works of art to dealers; recognition and protection of the moral rights of sculptors, issues pertaining to intellectual property especially designs and so on;

Theater and Dance

Production and co production, finance, lease agreements, and such other legal issues.


Talent acquisition, synchronization, recording agreements and so on.

Apart from having mastery over diverse laws, such a professional should also have a sharp intellect, ability to grasp new things and the ability to work under stringent time lines.  Hence, this is one field which is certainly not every lawyer or legal professional’s cup of tea.

Practical application of Entertainment and Media Laws

The field of entertainment and media laws is fast paced and a dynamic one where there are changes taking with each passing day. Apart from this, these laws are extremely complex to comprehend and demanding in terms of tight timelines.

Providing legal guidance and assistance in the field of entertainment and media legal services involves a careful scrutiny, documentation on labour and employment matters, security interests, agency rights, intellectual property laws, insurance laws, securities laws, immigration, and torts and so on.  

While this list is not an exhaustive one, yet these laws are more or less common any mode of entertainment and media. So only those professionals who have the ability to work under stress shall be able to carve a niche for himself or herself in this industry. But this area of law is and will always be a growing one that will help you in learning lots of things. 

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