Environment and Health Legal Services

Need for Environment and Health Legal Services

Environment and Health Legal Services is a branch in law which was bought into force due to the consistent degradation of the environment, its flora and fauna, and all the three main elements which are air, water and land. Due to such uninterrupted deterioration, there was a direct impact on the health of the people, and other living and non living entities. In order to regulate such acts of the mankind, various environment and health laws have been enacted to protect and preserve the environment and also the people from the various health hazards. 

Environment and health laws promoting Environment and Health Legal Services

  • Environmental laws:

The Environmental Laws mainly derive its source from the Constitution of India in which it is clearly mentioned that it is the duty of the state to take protect and preserve the environment. There are various laws enacted for the purpose of protecting and conserving the environment which includes wildlife, forests, resources, flora, fauna and the other three elements i.e. air land and water. Legislations namely Environment Protection Act 1986, Indian Forest Act 1984, Noise Pollution(Regulation and Control), The wildlife Protection Act, The Water(Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act etc., are few of the prominent.

  • Health Laws:

Right to health is a derived fundamental right. Health Laws itself contains many sub branches under its purview. It covers various aspects of the social well being like matters related to public health, occupational safety, medical practice, women health care and safety, hospital management, management of patients, sale and storage of safe drugs and other medico-legal aspects. Violation of the provisions of the diverse health care laws will make the offender be imposed with huge penalties. Its functioning and the prominent environment and health laws that can be brought in effect by the legal advisors and advocates, to offer these services

Environment and Health Legal Services should be provided on the sole foundation of the kinds of environment and health laws with respect to the situation.

Types of Environment and Health Legal Services in compliance to Environment and Health Laws:

There is an array of Environment and Health Legal Services, offered by the lawyers and advisors complying to the provisions of environment and health laws in order to help you have a voice in matters of health and environment.

  • Legal services like information on environmental guidelines and benchmarks,
  • Various permission required from the authority boards,
  • Environmental Impact Assessment,
  • Licenses from and for construction, planning, clean energy systems, regulatory boards
  • Litigation matters in which environmental and health provisions are violated and other areas where legal involvement is required.

* Legal Services with respect to Health are:

  • medical data coding,
  • medical transcription,
  • records management,
  • diagnostic reports reporting,
  • Litigation matters related to hospital management and negligence and other related matters.
nvironment and Health Legal Services

Environment and Health Legal Services require a lot of time and proper care to provide unbiased and proper service and making sure that the provisions of environmental and health laws are complied with.

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