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Trademark Attorneys and services offered for the sake of Shipping Legal Services

The need for Trademark attorneys has evolved after a number of companies, organizations, industries have taken form and have made a distinctive sign known as a trademark for themselves and in order to hamper the reputation, compete with the well known companies and organizations, misleading the layman, rivals started using a similar kind of identification symbol with insignificant minute changes thus creating havoc and bringing contentions in the business world which are ought to be dealt in the court of law. 

The law governing trademarks is the Trademark Act, 1999 which lays down the mechanism for registration, protection and prevention of fraudulent trademark. Trademark Attorneys are here to help you with selection of trademarks, registration, enforcement and protection. Apart from the basic services, they also help you in critical trademark search in the national as well as the international jurisdictions, filing of trademark application at the desired office, trademark prosecution, monitoring and watch, replying trademark objections trademark disputes and the various litigations involving trademark infringement. 

Apart from our expert team of trademark attorneys, shipping legal services Kolkata, is also offered.

Laws governing the Shipping Legal Services Kolkata based

Sea has been a mode of transport from times immemorial. Large numbers of goods are transferred across the territorial and foreign waters. On the occurrence of mishaps due to the entry of foreign ships into the native territory, laws have been established to govern the entire scenario. These laws clearly specify rules and regulations related to the rights and liabilities in international waters, prohibited goods etc. The Shipping Legal Services, Kolkata is also bound by these laws and should offer services in compliance with these laws.

Shipping/Maritime Laws:

Maritime/Shipping Law is a vast ocean to be probed into. The key aspects which are within the boundaries of shipping law are,

i. carriage of goods by sea,
ii. marine insurance,
iii.  registration of ships,
iv. laws regarding ownership,
v. ship financing,
vi. ship mortgages,
vii. ship sale and establishing contracts,
viii. manning of ships,
ix. laws related to collisions, limitation of liabilities, towage, pilotage, salvage;
x. maritime liens and claims regarding the same,
xi.Law related to marine pollution and many more.

It indeed takes a lot of hard work since Shipping Legal Services is a vast area and every new day a new dimension of an issue arises.

Kinds of Shipping Legal Services Kolkata

Shipping Legal Services, include all those matters related in contravention to the shipping laws.

To enlist Shipping Legal Services Kolkata, offers assistance in areas like
1. release or arrest of vessels,
2. cargo claims,
3. ownership disputes,
4. marine insurance,
5. port regulations,
6. purchase and sale of vessels,
7. resolving ship mortgage disputes,
8. exercise of maritime lien,
9. interpretation of the conventions related to maritime,
10.  advice on Bill of Lading,
11. import and export procedure,
12. commercial disputes,
13. drafting of overseas sale agreements and claim notices,
14.  freezing injunctions,
15. Arbitration Bunker disputes and many more.

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